Listen to your gut!

3 03 2011

Well last week I got the fright of my life when Peary, a foster Beagle that I walk, popped out of his collar and took off like a bat outta hell! I started to panic big time when I realized that he seriously could get hit by a car. All I could think about was when my dog, Samren, got hit by a car – all those fears and emotions just washed over me ūüė¶

I also thought about the foster family and how they would react to the news that Pearcy had gotten away. I was lucky that the foster fam were understanding to what had just happened. They left work and came to help me find Pearcy.

The tears were streaming down my face as we drove around the area looking for Pearcy. I just kept praying to Mom (RIP mudder, loves ya!) that she would look after Pearcy until we find him.

About 45 minutes later, Pearcy was found! Yahoooooo! Phew, he was ok and back with his foster family!!!!

Ok, so why did I title this blog – Listen to your gut? Just before I left to walk Pearcy, I had a gut feeling that I should not leave without putting on his harness. I left, ignoring my gut feeling, and within 5 minutes of leaving Pearcy’s foster home, he got loose.

That was my lesson to be relearned – listen to your gut! How many times have I passed off or ignored my gut? Quite a few times actually. Time to listen up!

What! There are others?

20 02 2011

I recently took a trip to The Doghouse to purchase cat food and I discovered business cards for two other pet sitters in St. John’s. Eeeek! The panic just hit me like a rogue wave! How am I gonna handle this?

Well I decided to embrace these new found pet sitters. I figured, heck, why not make contact with them. Better to be friendly and extend an arm out to them I concluded than to get pissy about them being around. How silly of me to think that I was the only pro pet sitter in town – bahahahaha.

So getting back to my decision to connect these two pet sitters. I decided to send them an email. It took me forever to figure out what I was going to say as I didn’t want them to think that I was gathering information to use against them. I believe in friendly competition and none of the “I am better than them” bit.

So I finally came up with an email and sent it off to the other two pet sitters. My mind was racing with thoughts of how they may react to such an email. Boom….another rogue wave of panic hit. What if they thought I was an idiot? Crap, did I just shoot myself in the foot?

So days went by and finally, I got a response! Phew, this pet sitter seems cool. I thought that maybe I would have someone to talk to about my pet business and all the challenges I face.

I responded to her email and let her now that I was thankful that she replied to my email. I answered her questions to me and threw in a couple of more questions back to her. I then hit the send button with hopes that I would hear from her again.

It’s been over two weeks now and no response! And I didn’t even get a response from the other pet sitter that I emailed. Geeeeez! I am disappointed but what ya gonna do? I am certainly not going to chase them. I just keep thinking to myself this little phrase “rejection is God’s protection.”

Winter dog walking Must Haves!

17 02 2011

I just wanted to share with you my Must Haves winter dog walking. Whether you are a dog owner or walker, it is important to protect yourself from the elements cause man, it can be harsh!

First things first, remember to dress warm! I recommend wearing thermal underwear for extra warmth, a good winter coat, gloves, a hat that covers your ears, and boots that have good traction that are also waterproof.

I also recommend that you protect your skin as well by using a good moisturizer as base followed by applying a suncreen. Don’t your forget your lips as they can clap from the cold! Carry with you a lip balm with spf and apply often.

For those sunny days, I recommend wearing sunglasses too. They not only protect your eyes from the sun but they also help with the glare.

When you go out for your stroll with your dog, don’t forget to carry extra doggie bags with you and remember to clean their paws after as salt from the roads can bulid up and cause discomfort for your dog. You may also may want to consider purchasing booties and a coat for your dog. Just head to your fave, local pet store and the staff can help you with those items.

With these Must Haves, you can easily enjoy winter dog walking. It’s a great form of winter physical activity for you and your dog so get movin!

Adding value …. I believe I may have figured it out!

8 02 2011

Well, I have been thinking WAY TOO much about my pet services business lately! My biggest concern – how do I generate more clients and therefore, more PROFIT! I have once again let fear hang out with me. I am afraid to set the rates that I believe are fair to me and the client. I am afraid that I am not passionate enough about my business. I am afraid to tell others what I do because I place emphasis on what THEY think of me. And the list goes on!

This idea/thought has popped into my head more than once and yet, I let it get bullied by fear – I have got to place more value on me and my business! I am awesome at what I do! I love and take care of client’s pets as if they were my own. I offer peace of mind and assurance that client’s pets are in safe hands.

There see! There is the value! Adding value will indeed bring me and my business to where it needs to be!

Now, I gotta take action and keep reminding myself about the value of value.


3 02 2011

Lately, I have had quite a few people ask me about kennels and groomers in the St. John’s area. I have decided, thru trail and era, to suggest that people looking for a kennel and/or groomer to actually make an appointment to visit these places. Most kennels and groomers will give you a tour and answer any questions that you may have. I suggest that you do up a list of questions before you go so that way you don’t forget anything important. Once there, you will get a vibe/feeling/energy – don’t ignore it either! You are the only one who can determine what is best for you and your pet!

Gotta do the work…

8 12 2010

Ok, so it’s time for me to sit down and create a rate sheet for my pet services business. I have been putting it off because I am having issues with determining rates for my services. I have found that sometimes I have mixed reactions to my rates….maybe it’s because I haven’t taken the time to set my rates. Once I determine my rates and realize that I am worth it, things will work out in my favour.
Time to do the work, sit down and just do it! Get my name out there and push thru my fears and doubts. That reminds me that I have to call NLOWE (Newfoundland & Labrador Organization of Women Entrepreneurs) to see about a mentor program cause I could really use the advice from a mentor.
Wish me luck and prosperity!


10 11 2010

I have been thinking lately that I am filling or perhpas stuffing, my brain with lots of info on social media. Just trying to learn the tricks of the trade so that I can generate more clients….ok, more income! I believe that I have overwhelmed myself with websites, newsletters, etc, hoping to figure social media out. Well, I haven’t read much or viewed all those videos cause it’s time consuming and maybe, there is some fear behind it? Fearing of succeeding? Hmmmmmm…..ya, that’s the problem – fear of succeeding.
Thinking that I should stick to one or two social media experts (?) to concentrate my learning efforts on. Then the work has got to come in on my part…do the work, see the results!!!!

Time to Rock & Roll…..

19 10 2010

Super excited to be apart of the Hurricane Igor Relief benefit concert РWe Stand On Guard!  The concert is chuck full of local talent and is being aired live on NTV.  We Stand On Guard is hoping to raise over a million dollars  in funds for the Red Cross.  The Red Cross will use the funds generated from the concert to help with the victims of Hurricane Igor.

Got say that I miss doing events as I used to be an Event Manager for Mile One Centre and the John Labatt Centre.¬† It was fun and exciting but the entertainment industry is cut throat ūüė¶¬†

Now, I am the proud owner of Divinity Pet Services who still manages to get in toes back into the pool of Event Management.

Research, research and more research!

13 10 2010

Decided to do some research on pet sitting businesses so that I can get some ideas as to what other services, policies and rates they offer. Since there is only one other one-on-one pet sitting business in St. John’s, I had to look in other provinces. Tried to find pet sitters in Nova Soctia and New Brunswick with no luck. Next, Ontario! Found some sites via the All Canadian Pet Services Network, checked em out and got the info that I was looking for! Now time for me to review the info and come up with my own services, rates and policies…..need more time in the day – earlier rise in the morning perhaps?

Ah opsie! Been way too long!

29 09 2010

Well I guess that I could go on about my excuses for not posting any blogs recently but I won’t.¬† Like ya really want to hear it!

My recent challenge lately with my pet services business¬†has been determining pricing?¬†¬† Do I set rates hoping the right clients will pay what \i charge?¬† Just put it out to the universe – “Build it and they will come.”¬† or do I negotiate with every new client?¬† What are my services worth?¬† How do I determine my worth?¬† Anyone out there have any suggestions?¬†¬†

I recently noticed that Suzie Orman of Oprah fame has a new show on Hay House Radio called the Spirit of Wealth?  Geez, I think that is the name of her show???  Anyhoo, I shall make the effort to check out her show.  I bet I will find what I am looking for!

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