Listen to your gut!

3 03 2011

Well last week I got the fright of my life when Peary, a foster Beagle that I walk, popped out of his collar and took off like a bat outta hell! I started to panic big time when I realized that he seriously could get hit by a car. All I could think about was when my dog, Samren, got hit by a car – all those fears and emotions just washed over me 😦

I also thought about the foster family and how they would react to the news that Pearcy had gotten away. I was lucky that the foster fam were understanding to what had just happened. They left work and came to help me find Pearcy.

The tears were streaming down my face as we drove around the area looking for Pearcy. I just kept praying to Mom (RIP mudder, loves ya!) that she would look after Pearcy until we find him.

About 45 minutes later, Pearcy was found! Yahoooooo! Phew, he was ok and back with his foster family!!!!

Ok, so why did I title this blog – Listen to your gut? Just before I left to walk Pearcy, I had a gut feeling that I should not leave without putting on his harness. I left, ignoring my gut feeling, and within 5 minutes of leaving Pearcy’s foster home, he got loose.

That was my lesson to be relearned – listen to your gut! How many times have I passed off or ignored my gut? Quite a few times actually. Time to listen up!



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